Location:CultureNews & trendsIn DANIKOR, Mid-autumn festival can be spent so
In DANIKOR, Mid-autumn festival can be spent so
DIY mooncake with ice-like shell
PK by group
Challenge exits in all process

September 29th, DANIKOR organized a creative DIY mooncake activity. Everyone participated actively, and many mooncakes with good look and taste were produced fresh.

 The activity was divided into two forms:
Challenge in all process: PK by group, challenge during all process of making mooncake with ice-like shell, knead dough – make fillings – make mooncake – mold press – pack. Fellows spared no efforts to work hard.

Make mooncake + mold press +pack. Seemingly simple operation, but to DIY good-looking and delicious mooncake, fellows did their best.
Not trust? Please see …

  Happy DIY time was over unconsciously. Fellows to challenge all perfectly accomplished the task. During activity, fellows used their imagination fully, colorful mooncakes witnessed innovative ability of every fellow. Everyone is great.


Activity is over though
Joy does not stop
Pleasant holiday is coming
Wish everyone a happy National Day, Mid-autumn Festival
— END —