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  • Purchasing Engineer

    Make purchasing plan and implement purchasing according to indirect material purchasing requirement.

    Ensure the price rationality, quality and timeliness of indirect material purchasing.

    Contact and exploit indirect material suppliers, and carry out quality evaluation on them.

    Place purchase order

    Deal with problems related to supply and quality

    Negotiate for framework agreement and in charge of supplier management

    Compile purchasing statistics and write purchasing reports.

  • Senior Quality Engineer

    1、 Participate in the drawing and documentation, as well as the corresponding dimensioning, tolerance, process requirements and other indicators, and evaluate whether the quality can meet and guarantee customer requirements in the subsequent production process.

    2、 2、Participate in the project, discuss the testing methods and possible problems in the process of assembling and producing, as well as the control point, control equipment and control method in the process; design testing and fixture etc.

    3、 Participate in the review of product and process design, make analysis, follow-up and validation of appeared problems.

    4、 Keep track of the quality states in the process of the project, timely detect the adverse situation in the product process and inform workshop staff and correlated design and process personnel, and coordinate them to analyze the reason, participate in the implement of the solution.

    5、 Confirm and handle the client complains in the project cycle, handle the goods returning, register the results in time.

    6、 Summarize the project problems and form a testing standards suitable for company products

    7、 Confirm the client complain of the delivery of the products, inform the client service staff and other members of the project group, assist in working problem out.

    8、 Confirm the client complain of product quality, track the reason of the quality problem in time, organize the correlated workshop and quality engineer to develop improvement measurement, solve the quality problem, timely deliver the results to the client; report to the project manager if unable to solve the problem.

    9、 If there is an internal change of raw material, communicate with the clients in time and reach an agreement, track and handle the abnormal situation of the changed material during the workshop production.

    10、 Determine and improve the process or technical method of the quality control of the company's project, in according to the needs of company development and the suggestion of the project engineer, and submit it to the quality manager for approval.

    11、 11\Summarize and review the initial plan of project quality, problems in the process of production, share the experience, supervise and promote the improvement and experience to motivate and raise the overall job skill level.

  • Software engineer

    1、Engage in the development of servo motor control technology, capable of develop the software framework independently.

    2、Take part in the project plan of develop servo motor control software, write module code, design and testing.

    3、Work closely with other team members, interact actively and promote project progress.

    4、Complete the project documentation, and summarize the experience and communicate.

  • Algorithm Engineer

    1、In charge of the research and development of control algorithm and control technology of servo drives.

    2、Implement the research and development of control algorithm of the servo drive products based on BLDC or PMSM.

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