• Diversified custom feeding pipe

    With professional feeding pipe production and processing equipment and design team, Danikor can provide wide range of feeding pipe models for selection, applicable to deliver various parts and fasteners such as round pipes and irregular pipes, meeting different application demands.

  • Automatic feeding system

    Applicable to delivery of several kinds of material;

    Optimal vibration waveform, vibration angle, lift angle, reed combination and special charging tray material increase delivering efficiency and reduce noise;

    Voltage is adjustable, realizing continuous speed control;

    Unique soft starting and stopping technology stabilizes vibration;

More advanced functions and products for the user to select:
1. Sound and light alarm for lack of material at feeding system;
2. Overfeeding automatic stopping saves energy;
3. Closed-loop control of driver using amplitude sensor realizes efficient material delivery, loading sensitivity of fine control charging tray prevents charging tray vibration from influence of quantity of material, ensuring continuously stable and efficient output.
4. Continuously monitor pressure stability of system input air source to detect whether external air pressure is enough in advance.
5. Danikor can provide users with solutions of stepped automatic feeding system and fork type automatic feed system, realizing efficient cycle time, more stable and smooth output and meeting demand for more clean, able to effectively resolve such problems as high noise, high material loss;;
6. For electronic industry with short life cycle, especially high pressure of innovation, especially for those fields where parts become smaller and smaller, we can provide micro screw feeding system, meeting requirements of users for high efficiency and high stability.